9:20 am
Private breakfast briefing hosted by 3 Monkeys Zeno: The role of purpose in your ESG proposition

Sarah Ogden

Head of corporate brand

3 Monkeys Zeno

10:00 am
Chair’s Opening Remarks
10:10 am
Diversity and Privilege

Most of us are lucky enough to be in a position of privilege, with decent educations and good jobs, but how do we engage, encourage, and embrace the diverse range of audiences out there to join our PR community, or feel included as part of our engagement strategies?
Anil will talk about:

  • His experience of joining the PR community, what he has learnt, and what he is doing to drive change
  • How the Stroke Association is putting diversity at the heart of their organisation, and what steps they have taken to ensure they can reach a broader audience with their life saving campaigns
  • The importance of measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns and having the right reporting in place to track demographic engagements
  • 3 things each of us in can individually do to make a difference, today

Anil Ranchod

Deputy director of PR and communications

The Stroke Association

10:30 am
Session Break
10:45 am
Fireside chat: Client-agency relationship- what are the challenges on each side?
  • Honest insights into managing the relationship exploring the good and the bad
  • How do the different ways of working impact this relationship and what challenges does it create?
  • The process of delivering a campaign: from brief to delivery and how the two worlds work together

Zoe Melarkey

Director of communications

Purple Bricks

Nicky Regazzoni


The PR Network

11:10 am
Session break
11:25 am
How can brands use times of uncertainty to drive trust?
  • Is trust just a buzzword or does it really have an impact on the bottom line?
  • How has the Covid-19 crisis helped comms directors to drive forward the trust agenda within their businesses?
  • How can brands take an integrated approach to building trust?

Joanna De Koning

Global head of corporate communications

Just Eat

12:10 pm
Networking Lunch
1:10 pm
Government comms during covid- and beyond?
  • Exploring the learnings from communicating during the covid crisis
  • What does this turbulent time mean for government comms moving forward?
  • How has this time exposed the importance of effective communication?

Alex Aiken

Executive director of government communications

UK Government

3:00 pm
Campaign 360 and PR Week 360 Closing Plenary

How Patagonia puts community and environment ahead of profit

  • Understanding the value of community engagement and ‘values based’ media partnerships
  • Why all brands have the power to make a difference
  • Rethinking your ad spend whilst expanding your reach

Alex Weller

Marketing Director, Europe


3:20 pm
Session Break
3:35 pm
Keynote Panel Discussion: The rise of purpose: What will this look like in a post-covid world?

As UK brands respond to the impact of Coronavirus, it becomes important to differentiate authentic purpose from performative purpose.

  • How will UK’s biggest brands respond to this changing landscape?
  • How will the current environment challenge and change what consumers expect from brands with purpose?
  • How have leading brands reacted to the coronavirus crisis and how have these responses shaped consumer views moving forward?
  • Exploring how brand purpose guides consumer choice and understanding how to adapt your business model in current uncertainty
  • Can remaining neutral on big issues make your brand irrelevant? Is it now more important than ever to take a stand?
  • How leading brands are reacting to the coronavirus crisis and how these responses will shape consumer views in the long term

Bonnie Chia

Head of Brand

WWF International

Natalie Deacon

Executive director, corporate affairs, CSR and sustainability


Amarlis Whitty

PR director

Mattel Europe

4:05 pm
Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of conference

Gideon Spanier

UK editor-in-chief