Day 1: 10th September

  • 10:30 am
10:30 am
Chair’s opening remarks
  • 10:45 am
10:45 am
Is influencer marketing right for you?
  • Exploring whether jumping on the influencer bandwagon is right for your brand and your goals
  • Identifying how to use influencer marketing in a way that makes sense for your goals
  • Should you be looking towards micro influencers or macros influencers?

Liesa Strecher

Head of brand marketing


  • 11:35 am
11:35 am
Session Break
  • 11:50 am
11:50 am
Navigating influencer marketing #trustissues
  • How do we prevent trust from breaking down in an industry more under scrutiny than ever?
  • The role trust plays in the fight for compelling, authentic and creative content on social media through influencer marketing
  • Exploring insights on how influencers, brands, and consumers all have trust issues with influencer marketing and how to build it back

Emily Young

Head of UK


  • 12:10 pm
12:10 pm
Session Break
  • 12:25 pm
12:25 pm
Creativity and cooperation: Finding balance when working with influencers
  • How to find comfort in the struggle for creative control over campaigns
  • Giving the space to influencers to create content that fits their brand and yours
  • Case study examples of the benefit of a more flexible brief and how to get the best out of influencers

Emily Trenouth

Head of Influencer Marketing Strategy


  • 12:50 pm
12:50 pm
Networking Lunch
  • 1:50 pm
1:50 pm
Panel discussion: Creating a more transparent and authentic landscape
  • Can we solely rely on data to support recommendations, or is that ‘gut feeling’ still a consideration?
  • Should we be adopting an independent approach to influencer selection?
  • What is the next wave of metrics or insights that we should be striving for to support the most considered influencer and brand partnerships?

Simone Stevens

Senior influencer Specialist


  • 2:30 pm
2:30 pm
Session Break
  • 2:45 pm
2:45 pm
Case study: Creating an influencer strategy
  • Introducing influencer marketing into your campaigns and how to build an effective strategy
  • What platforms to look at and which kpis to focus on?
  • How to integrate this into your existing marketing plan and how much budget to allocate

Sedge Beswick

Managing director

SEEN Connects

  • 3:05 pm
3:05 pm
Afternoon break
  • 3:20 pm
3:20 pm
Panel discussion: The vetting process- Picking the right influencers
  • Picking influencers that align with and won’t damage your brand
  • What metrics you should be looking at to evaluate influencers
  • Looking beyond follower count to identify influencer worth

Marianne Fakinos

Global influencer manager

Visit Britain

Scott Guthrie

Strategic influencer marketing consultant


Gordon Glenister

Head of Influencer Marketing Strategy


  • 4:00 pm
4:00 pm
Close of day one